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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Certified Organic?

Origani develops high-performance organic and naturally-derived beauty care products. Most of Origani’s skincare contains certified organic ingredients. Each product’s packaging will indicate if it is Certified Organic, or it will state the percentage of certified organic ingredients within the formulation. This information can also be easily be found on our website for each product.

How often should I use my products?

Each Origani product has unique function and application guidelines. Comprehensive directions of use and safety instructions can be found on the product packaging and also on our website.

What are the ingredients in your products?

Origani products are formulated with specific and targeted performance objectives; therefore every product’s ingredient registry is unique.  The complete ingredient glossary is published on the packaging, and also on our website.

I’m pregnant can I use your products?

Origani uses naturally-derived ingredients, which can include essential oils and botanic essences. It is always advised that you review the product ingredients for any potential contraindications related to their use during pregnancy with your Healthcare Professional or Obstetrician.

Can I use the products on a baby or child?

Origani skincare and cosmetics are formulated with the finest organic and naturally-derived ingredients, which mean they are void of chemicals and pesticides, and therefore safer to use synthetic formulations. Regardless of age, a skin patch test should always be conducted before using any Origani product.

You recommend doing a patch test? How do I do this?

The best place to perform the patch test is just behind the ear or just under the jawline.   Take a small amount of product and apply to the area ( size of a 5 cent piece) follow the directions and wait 24 hours to see if irritation occurs. If there is an immediate irritation please remove the product gently with tepid water.

What products are going to be best for my skin?

No two skin behaviours are ever the same, which is why Origani offers a wide variety of products that target unique combinations of skin type and conditions.  How our clients discover their very own Origani skin program is through an in-depth skin consultation with a Beauty Specialist at one of our boutiques. Just remember: your skin is always changing, so what your skin needs today may be different in 6 months time, so on-going skin re-evaluation is the cornerstone to securing the best results.

I have experienced a reaction to a product, what shall I do?

  1. Origani products are developed with highly calmative formulations to meet the needs of sensitive and reactive skin conditions; however, you may still have allergies to specific ingredients. It is important to know your skin and understand how your skin reacts to certain ingredients. For your peace of mind, a complete ingredients listing is provided on each Origani product page.
  2. If you experience an allergic reaction to an Origani product, discontinue use immediately. It is important that you report the issue, so we can address it with our product development department. Please email a detailed description to Origani Customer Service at service@starshine.com.au.
  3. You will receive a swift response from one of our team members within 24 hours.

Evidence of a reaction will be required if requesting an exchange or refund.

I think I have a faulty product, what should I do?

  1. If you have an Origani product that has a manufacturing fault we will replace the item.
  2. Report the issue to Origani Customer Service by emailing service@starshine.com.au.
  3. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Does Origani test on animals?

Origani supports animal welfare and does not test on animals. Origani is cruelty free.

Where can I find your store locations?

Origani is distributed throughout Asia, Australia, Spain and Italy. To find your closest location contact Customer Service by completing the Online Contact Form

Do you ship orders internationally?

Origani ships globally….

As all products are dispatched from Australia, any additional taxes or duties applied by customs at the destination country are the responsibility of the delivery recipient. Please note in accordance with Australian export regulations we are required to declare the exact value of all items and identify the order as dutiable “merchandise” and are prohibited by law from identifying an order as a “gift” for export purposes.

Your local customs office will be able to assist you with any further information regarding taxes, duties and customs.

I am interested in distributing Origani. What do I need to do?

If you would like to learn more about Origani distribution opportunities in your region or business, please email your Expression of Interest to our wholesale division at am@starshine.com.au