Winter is a charming time of year. It’s the time where we yearn for a fire, the warmth of a hug and some creamy hot chocolate.

Winter is also the best season to curl up and indulge in a good book, guiltlessly eat carbs, layer on our favourite pieces of clothing and pamper ourselves to no end on those chilly nights we stay in. However, the cold season also has its drawbacks.

Origani Winter Skincare Tips

Leaving home in the mornings to the frosty cold air can leave us feeling pretty miserable as do those dull grey lingering afternoons with darkness falling earlier than ever. A sniffily nose and niggling sore throat often rear at some point, not to mention our skin taking a decent hit too.

In fact, cold weather, harsh winds and low humidity, together with artificial indoor heating and more relaxed dietary habits can test our body and skin’s resilience and strength more than any other season. 

The skin is the largest organ of the body and directly in touch with the external environment. It is essentially our most vital protective shield yet it definitely takes some brutal assault from the harsh wintery elements. Our skin needs some extra TLC in the colder months and this predominantly means keeping the ‘barrier of the skin’ protected from vital moisture loss.

Barrier of The Skin

This barrier, also known as the Hydrolipidic film, is a fine translucent defensive layer that sits on top of the Epidermis (top layer of skin) and is made up of sweat, oil and water, carrying with it, some very important functions. In short, our hydrolipidic film needs to be well-balanced and maintained to make sure the skin is:

  1. 1. Protected against environmental aggressors and bacteria
  2. 2. Kept at a healthy moisture level for comfortability and prevention of premature aging
  3. 3. Maintained at the optimum acidity level (PH) to fight infection  
  4. 4. Defended from developing more serious skin conditions including psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis


When the barrier of the skin is compromised, the skin can become dry, sensitive and fragile. This can cause the skin to appear more prematurely aged and stressed, the result being:

  • ✓ Wrinkles and dry fine lines  
  • ✓ Tightening
  • ✓ Dullness
  • ✓ Thinning
  • ✓ Mottled, red, irritated and itchy
  • ✓ Rough and uneven textured


Such a dysfunctional barrier can take some time to repair and rebalance to restore optimal skin health. Put simply, your skin behaves differently in winter and you need to listen to what your skin is telling you it needs. 

This means, making some slight changes to your skincare routine, your environmental surroundings and some lifestyle behaviours.  Below are some very handy tips to get you prepared for the colder months ahead…


Modify your skincare routine

  • ✓ Opt for a gentler less-foamy cleanser with a formula that is free of sulphates, soaps and other detergent based ingredients that leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Also, cleansing your skin daily is important, but over cleansing and stripping essential moisture can leave you with skin hungry for moisture and balance.


  • ✓ Consider adding a more hydrating, vitamin-rich serum to your routine for an extra boost of moisture and protection. The healthier and more hydrated your skin is, the better it will be able to defend itself.

  • ✓ A restorative night cream is a must for winter. PM creams are more intensive and nutrifying so as to assist the skin in its natural healing and repairing functions whilst we sleep. Be sure to apply a healthy does to your skin as soon as you have left the shower.    

  • ✓ Keep applying sunscreen even on grey overcast days. The sun’s harmful UV rays still have a way of finding us at times you wouldn’t imagine it could. Don’t think twice and make it a daily habit. 

  • ✓ Invest in a good lip balm. Wind chapped lips not only look unflattering but they can also be rather sore! Steer clear of petroleum based balms that dehydrate lips long term, instead using a lip treatment enriched with natural ingredients including essential oils, Shea butter and bees wax. Apply daily with your favourite lip colour and before bed for a soft supple and well hydrated pout.  

  • ✓ Resurface and brighten the skin with a weekly exfoliation treatment. The winter chill and artificial heating dry out the skin at a rapid rate, but it’s important to remember that over exfoliating can also have the same effect. Stick to X2 weekly.

  • ✓ Use a hydrating face mist often, even over makeup.  

  • ✓ Opt for a more natural, chemical-free skincare brand. They are often less potentially irritating and gentler with biocompatible natural ingredients that better moisturise, protect and soothe compromised skin. 

Origani Recommends: Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser, Ageless by Nature Youth Infusion Booster Serum, Erda Soothing and Reviving Night Cream, Mineral Lover Lip Balm, and Erda Manuka Honey Peel.


Modify your environment

  • ✓ Consider installing a humidifier in your home (particularly in the bedroom) to put moisture back into the air. Not only will it assist in preventing a dry sore throat and blocked nose, but it will also stop your skin from drying out.  
  • ✓ While no doubt essential in the winter months, heating systems can significantly dry out the air, dehydrating the skin. Refrain from blasting the heating in your car directly on your face and turn down the thermostat so the temperature is comfortable but not too hot.
  • ✓ Protect your skin and body from the harsh winter elements by wearing protective clothing. Layer up and enjoy!


Modify your behaviours

  • ✓ Sip on warm winter tea in winter is a great way to boost your immunity and keep you warm on the inside. They are full of antioxidants which also fortify your complexion. Opt for green, ginger and lemon and chamomile and pop some Manuka Honey in to sooth a sore throat (only to warm tea).
  • ✓ While a steaming hot shower is tempting, it’s not a good idea for your skin. Ever so slightly lower the water temp to stop your skin from drying out. Be sure to moisturise both face and body as soon as you get out.   
  • ✓ Keep up our H2O intake. You may not feel as thirsty in the winter months (it’s a time we generally drink less) but it’s still important to reach your 8 glass a day goal.   
  • ✓ Limit your alcohol intake. While a full-bodied shiraz by the fire is lovely, limit your intake as its very dehydrating.  
  • ✓ Swap to gentler, chemical-free detergents (kitchen and laundry). They are kinder to drier skin.    
  • ✓ Don’t forget to moisturise your body too. Just because it’s not the skin on your face and not generally as visible in the colder months, the skin on the rest of your body needs it just as much.  Origani recommends Whipped Body Butter in Pure Tranquillity.   


So, it seems that happy and glowing winter skin is more achievable than ever. A few modifications to suit the season is all it takes and starting now is the perfect time to get your skin ready for the colder days and nights to come.

Face this beautiful time of year with a complexion that radiates health and vitality. Be good to your skin and it will be good to you!